These 5 Foods Have the Same Beneficial Cannabinoids Present in Cannabis

The feel-good ingredient in cannabis, that is, cannabinoid, is also found in several other sources, including some foods. Hence, one can benefit from the therapeutic and medicinal properties of cannabis, as well as from the natural high from smoking weed, through regular consumption of specific foods. With this in mind, we have made a list with 5 food ingredients that contain cannabinoids. You just need to add them to your daily diet and witness the positive benefits!

Foods with Cannabinoids


The building block of fine chocolate is Theobroma cacao. Very often, people claim that they ‘get high’ when they eat chocolate or that they feel ‘addicted’ to it. This could be the reason why they feel like this. The FAAH present in cacao breaks down the endocannabinoid called anandamide and supplies the body with a natural rush of its THC version. THC is the active ingredient of cannabis.

Black truffles

Truffles are a gourmet food and this is why a lot of people enjoy eating them. They are also one of the most prodigious foods and they contribute to the creation of anandamine in the body which puts you in a state of a natural high.

Black pepper

This spice is known to contain beta-caryoplyllene which gives it its strong and rich smell. This molecule functions similarly to cannabinoids and it is able to lower inflammation and to act therapeutically on the whole body.

Echinacea tea

This tea is frequently consumed by people who want to strengthen their immunity and treat migraines. It will also stimulate the CB2 brain receptors and give you a feeling of tranquility and inner calm by lowering pain and inflammation, similarly to what cannabis does.


This plant is commonly used for medicinal teas and it is very popular in Fiji. The plant’s root is boiled and the drink binds to CB1 brain receptors. For years, this drink has been used as a natural cure for reduction of anxiety and suppression of cravings.




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