This Is How Peppermint Essential Oil Can Help You Treat a Headache Fast

According to holistic medicine, the most efficient remedy for headaches is the blend of lavender and peppermint essential oils. Newest studies indicate that lavender essential oil has the power to alleviate migraine attacks and a study done in 2012 conducted by German and Iranian scientists and published in the European Neurology journal concluded that inhaling lavender oil can be a potent and safe treatment for acute migraines.

The Power of Lavender Essential Oil

The study from 2012 had 47 participants who were diagnosed with migraines and for the purposes of the study they underwent a 15-minute inhalation of lavender essential oil whereas the placebo group underwent an inhalation of paraffin. The end results showed that the patients experienced changes in the severity of the attacks after 2 hours of the inhalation for a total of 129 migraine attacks. 71% of those who inhaled lavender oil no longer experienced migraine attacks or their problem was partially resolved. On the other hand, 47% of the placebo patients reacted to the inhalation of paraffin.

Other studies point out that lavender oil can treat pain and lower spasms, calm down the nerves, treat mood and anxiety issues, and reduce high blood pressure.

The Healing Properties of Peppermint Essential Oil

According to studies, the cooling effect of peppermint oil can stimulate the blood flow and lower muscle contractions. According to Dr. Axe, topical application of peppermint oil on the forehead and temples is great in decreasing the symptoms of a tension headache. Namely, in a study from 1996 done the 41 patients experienced reduction in their headaches after 15 and 30 minutes of topical application of lavender oil.

How to Use Lavender and Peppermint Essential Oils to Treat Headaches

You need to mix 2 drops of lavender and peppermint essential oils and rub the blend onto the back of the neck, temples, and the forehead and also do inhalations with the mixture.



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