Nine-Year-Old Autistic Boy Speaks First Words After 48 Hours On Cannabis Oil

Then 10-month old Kalel Santiago, from Puerto Rico, was diagnosed with cancer. The child was suffering from a rare form of cancer, neuroblastoma. Kalel went through all the usual treatments; radiation, chemo, and even surgery. The battle against cancer took two years to end, and Kalel got out of the battle victorious.

After his cancer was gone, Kalel was faced with another misfortune. This time a permanent one, which cannot be cured. He was diagnosed with a severe form of autism, and as an effect of autism was unable to speak.

His parents have stated that they’ve noticed that the child was not communicative, but they decided that they should wait until the whole cancer thing was dealt with. They had Kalel tested, and diagnosed when he was 3, and cancer-free.

The boy’s father, Abiel Gomez Santiago, and his mother Gladys, did everything they could for their boy, as every other parent would. They educated themselves on autism, tried various schools and treatment methods, and all of them were, sadly, unsuccessful.

After a while, they stumbled upon a treatment with high success rate; CBD oil. Through a fundraising program, they acquired a bottle of the oil, and the child started taking two doses per day.

Two days after taking Cannabis oil, Kalel was able to speak. His father says that Kalel surprised them in school, by saying the vowels A E I O U. It is hard the imagine the emotions that the family experienced at the time, after they were convinced that their child will never be able to speak. The teacher recorded Kalel speaking and sent the recording to Gladys, his mom.

Soon after that Kalel started using full sentences, and his first one was Amo mi mama, meaning I love my mom.

This story is just another one among thousands of other stories which points to the powerful healing properties of cannabis oil. It definitely raises an argument in favor of marijuana and cannabis oil full legalization.

Plenty of people, suffering from cancer, MS, and other conditions, are forced to put themselves at risk of getting arrested and prosecuted just so they could lead a normal life. Most of them are fine with the risk.


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