Never Lie to a Smart Woman

Believe it or not, women have a sharper mind and a stronger intuition than men. Therefore, it is important to note that men should never lie to a woman because they will eventually find out the truth and they can even tell when they are being lied to. With this in mind, we prepared one story that shows how one man learned this the hard way.

The Intuitive Power of Women

One day, a husband called his wife and told her that he was asked to go fishing in China with his boss for a week and that this was an excellent opportunity to get promoted. He told her to pack him clothes for one week and prepare his rod and fishing box. He was going to swing by the house to collect the items as they would be leaving from the office. He also told her to pack him his blue silk pajamas.

Never Lie to a Smart Woman

Though the wife sensed that something was not right with the husband’s excuse for a weekend fishing getaway with his boss, she did what he asked from her and the next week when he returned, she wanted to know all details and asked about the weekend, the boss, and his colleagues. Her husband told her that there was a lot of salmon, blue gill, and a few swordfish. He also asked her why she had not packed his silk pajamas and she replied that she did and that they were in his fishing box.



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