If Your Butt Starts To Sting, You Should Go Straight To The Kitchen, There You Will Find The Remedy!

Hemorrhoids are common enough, but still extremely uncomfortable and shameful for many people. Luckily, relief can come from ingredients that can be found in, literally, every home.


Put some chamomile in bubbling water and leave it there. When ready, wipe the affected area with it.


Put 3 garlic cloves and leaves in bubbling water, leave it for 10 minutes, then cool it off before using.


Granulate a few potatoes and rub them on the affected area, then leave it to dry.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera will successfully relieve you of irritation and tingling that accompany hemorrhoids, just rub it on the affected area.

Tea tree oil

Mix it with some castor oil or almonds before using it to treat your hemorrhoids. Put 2 drops of the oil and a couple of drops from the other ones. Rub the affected area with a cotton swap.

Apple juice vinegar

Take a cotton ball and put apple juice vinegar on it. wipe the affected area.

Vitamin E

Using vitamin E will make your skin wetter, thus relieving you from pain, and using it with a towel will help you get rid of the hemorrhoids.


Source: http://houseandfamilytips.com


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