If You Want Happiness and Success, You Must Have This Plant in Your Home

Unusual and attractive, this plant is an amazing decoration for contemporary confined spaces where many plants simply can’t survive.  Lucky bamboo is, therefore, a plant that can be found in any store or a flower shop and is very popular with the buyers. It doesn’t require a lot of care, which makes it a favorite house plant for many people who simply have no time to dedicate to growing plants, despite the fact they enjoy green surroundings. According to legends, this plant brings happiness, success and pleasure to its home, not to mention it completely beautifies its surroundings.

However, this plant is really not a bamboo. It is called Dracaena senderiana and it resembles bamboo, which explains the popular name. It has three basic forms-straight bamboo, crooked bamboo and freestyle bamboo, which are the basis of all other forms currently offered by flower shops. Dracaena senderiana owes its popularity to the combination of low maintenance and high decorative potential.

How to grow it

You need to keep only few things in mind in order to enjoy this plant’s beauty:

-Keep it in water

-Change the water every 10 days to 2 weeks

-Keep it away from direct sunlight

-If the leaves turn yellow, remove them. This can sometime happen due to the high levels of chlorine in the water.

-The temperature that suits the lucky bamboo is anything between 15 and 32 Celsius, which makes it compatible with many apartments and offices, all over the world.

-Fertilizing is not a necessity, but you can add some liquid fertilizer from time to time.


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