Here Is How to Get Smooth and Youthful Hands with This Amazing Remedy

Today, we decided to help those who want to have smoother, youthful, and soft hands. As you may already know, the skin of the hands is very sensitive and rather thin and even the smallest external influence can have a negative effect.

Believe it or not, excessive hand washing can also damage the skin, encourage the breakdown of collagen and make the skin look much older, as well as a frequent exposure to chemicals. Therefore, check out these natural remedies that will make your hands look younger and softer.

How to Have Smoother and Younger Hands

Egg whites and lemon

Eggs are known to increase the skin’s elasticity. You just need to mix one egg white and a tbsp of honey and then apply the mixture onto the hands and wait for it to dry off; rinse the hands with soap and water.


Boil one medium-sized potato and then mash it. Mix it with 2 tbsp of olive oil, a tsp of honey, and a bit of milk and then store the mixture into the fridge. Apply it onto hands 3 times per day and leave it for 15 minutes before rinsing off the hands.

Rosehip oil

Massage the hands with this oil on a daily basis to make the skin of the hands more elastic.

Lemon and sugar

Mix juice from half a lemon and two tbsp of sugar and use it as a hand exfoliator. Then, wash the hands with water and soap.

Here Is How to Get Smooth and Youthful Hands with This Amazing Remedy

Almond oil

Soak your hands in a mixture of cold water and several drops of almond oil for 5 minutes and then apply a greasier cream onto the hands and put on cotton gloves. Sleep with the gloves and remove them in the morning. The hands will be much softer.


Rub the hands with Vaseline and then put on cotton gloves and leave them overnight. The hands will be much smoother.

Additional Tips

  • Avoid biting the nails because this will have a negative impact on the skin of the hands and the proper nail growth.
  • Do not wash the hands with excessively hot water because it will dehydrate the skin.
  • When the temperatures are low, make sure you wear gloves to protect the hands from the adverse influence of the cold weather.



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