Here Are 6 Reasons Why Highly Intelligent People Cannot Find Happiness!

Happiness and intelligence are mutually exclusive because happiness is a state of mind whereas intelligence is a scope of mind – the former being more fixed and the latter more fluid.

If you think you have raised the bar with your intelligence and resilience then you could be in for trouble when you are claiming to be so publicly. Intelligent people often feel personal affront when they self-actualize their intelligence. In fact, intelligence is a social construct that is problematic.

The presence of a faithful and loving partner, a great family life, and a successful career may not be enough to prevent an intelligent person of feeling grief and melancholy. Here are some common reasons why happiness seems to elude highly intelligent people:

  1. Intelligent people tend to hold high standards for others

Having standards is a good thing. It can help you stay on a positive path to happiness and success. Setting standards that are too high however, can prove to be a problem. Intelligent people tend to know what they want, and they refuse to settle for less. Their high standards apply to every area of their life; jobs, relationships, certain goals. This can make it harder for them to be satisfied. They may constantly feel like their achievements aren’t enough, or that their job isn’t allowing them to get ahead. Their standards can also significantly affect their relationships.

  1. Intelligent people hold themselves to the same high standards

Highly intelligent people tend to be harsh judges, even to themselves. Judging yourself can and most definitely will, lead to unhappiness. The ability to analyze everything in a single thought process leads to intelligent people analyzing themselves too, and they tend to hold themselves to the highest standards.

This isn’t limited to just success and failure, but it also applies to every mistake they ever made, as they can recall one from the past and feel bad for days. Once their unrealistically high standards aren’t met they can beat themselves over it and drive themselves crazy thinking about it.

  1. Intelligent people aim for bigger things

Highly intelligent people tend to not be satisfied with any form of success, either professional or emotional, as their high IQ is responsible for giving them an ability to conceive bigger ideas. Their imagination also tends to run wild, which makes it hard for highly intelligent people to enjoy what they currently have. One of the most common thoughts and imagination routes of highly intelligent people is how much better their life would be if they were born in a different era, and how much they’d thrive in it.

  1. Intelligent people have a hard time finding people who can keep up

Whether it’s their stream of consciousness or a manner in which they explain concepts, highly intelligent people have stressful time interacting with their peers. Finding someone who shares your opinions, and can keep up with your ideas and rhythm is the foundation on any meaningful bond between two people, and highly intelligent people tend to have a hard time finding their counterparts.

  1. Intelligent people are prone to mental issues and disorders

There is a great number of studies published on this topic, and the vast majority of them agrees that there is an undeniable correlation between psychiatric disorders and people of high intelligence. Those disorders include social anxiety and bipolar disorders, which are fairly common among those with 130+ IQs. These people are also more likely to fall into existential depression, as a cause of overthinking.


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