He Complained of a Headache. They Removed Tapeworm From His Brain and Told Him He Had Left Half an Hour to Live (VIDEO)

Luis Ortiz was admitted to hospital in Napa in California because of unbearable headaches. After the scanner, doctors discovered that the cause of his headaches was a tapeworm and he had left 30 minutes to live.

Neurosurgeon Soren Sigel, who admitted the patient, was shocked when the video from the scanner showed a tapeworm living in his head. Subsequently, he estimated that the patient had left 30 minutes to live.

Tapeworm grew within the cyst, and thus it blocked the flow of blood to the other parts of the brain.

Lius, who is a college student, was having headaches before, but ignored them until they became extremely strong and caused vomiting.

Following the results of the scanner, doctors performed emergency surgery and removed the parasite from the brain. After the operation, there was a slight loss of memory, but Luis will be healthy again.