Have Bad Breath? 1 In 4 People Have This And Don’t Even Know It. Here’s How You Stop It..

Bad breath is something that occasionally bothers many of us. It might be difficult to admit we are suffering from such an inconvenient issue since it mostly results in shame. Despite the fact we don’t like it, the malady affects a great number of people. We have also probably tried all sorts of solutions against it. Gums, multiple teeth brushing, mouthwash, but sometimes it seems that everything is useless and the bad breath simply won’t go away. But what causes this uncomfortable state? You might be surprised.

One of the main usually unknown reasons for bad breath might be tonsil stones. They appear when a sulphur-producing bacteria collect with debris. Tonsil stones are quite common, in fact. It is estimated that every fourth person has them. They hide inside of the oral cavity, so you might not be always able to see them. If you suffer from bad breath, you might want to check your throat for these little strange stones. Luckily, they are easy to remove, you can even do it by yourself, but if you feel too disgusted, you’d better seek help from a medical professional that will definitely get rid of them for you.

Although the most of these stones are small, sometimes people can have larger pieces and the symptoms that appear due to their size are ear aches and unusually long periods of having a sore throat.

If you feel confident enough to remove them yourself, or you simply aren’t grossed out that easily as some people are, we suggest you use a cotton swab and gently push the stone out. Wet the swab before the procedure, and gently massage the stone until it falls away from your tonsil. Sometimes even a good cough can do the trick, so you don’t have to touch anything.



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