Grow Pineberries At Home, Delicious Strawberry That Tastes Similar To Pineapple And Bubblegum

You might not have heard of pineberries, but its name tells it all; they are strawberries with a taste of pineapple. This interesting fruit might not be that well known, but it sure is tasty and healthy.  In this article, we will introduce you to how to grow your own pineberries, should you ever express such a desire. Since the fruit is still quite scarce on the market, growing might be the best option for those who wish to enjoy the benefits of this amazing, unique food.

Growing pineberries

First, choose between three varieties that are called White Pineberry, White Carolina, and White D.  if you know where to buy seed in your local area, great for you.  If not, you can always order the seeds online. you need plants that are self-pollinating, so, keep that in mind while ordering.

Pineberries are not genetically modified, although they may come across as such, and are also very fruitful. However, if the heat index soars, they will stop bearing, so, pay attention to this fact if you decide to grow them outside. Also, mulch the crowns with grass clipping or straw to protect them during the winter season.

If you decide to grow them indoors, use the conventional container growing method with a decent drainage since they shouldn’t be too wet. Pineberries prefer colder room temperatures, ideally, around 70 degrees. They don’t like being too crowded, so you should give them some space in between. The plants need low humidity and around 10-12 hours of daylight.  (6 hours of direct sunlight, or 8-10 of indirect light) If you are starting with a few plants, you might consider pots.

Recipe for soil (example):


10 parts of sterile potting soil

10 parts of peat moss

8 parts of perlite

4 parts of compost

1 part of sand


Mix the ingredients, then check the pH of the mix. 5.5 to 6.5 pH should do the trick.

Use liquid fertilizer on them starting from the month of May onwards to keep them in good health. If you are not much for DIY methods, you can, of course, buy soil.

Pineberries have many health benefits, some of them being the improvement of fiber intake, prevention of birth defects, and boosting of one’s antioxidant intake. They are rich in vitamin A, they strengthen the immunity system, help with heart issues and keep your energy levels high. All seem like good enough reasons to give this unusual fruit a try.






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