Discover The Benefits Of Adding Cinnamon Powder To Your Plants

Cinnamon is a widely known spice around the world that is used in kitchen and medicines. It is one of the best spices that are used in desserts due to its unique taste and smell. You will be amazed but this wonderful spice is used in the gardening as well. Your plants can get numerous benefits by adding just one tablespoon of cinnamon powder.

We all get worried due to the dangerous chemicals that are used in the plants these days. The biggest benefit of using cinnamon in plants is that you do not need to use any chemical. This is beneficial not only for your health but for environment as well. We will guide in our article about the right use of cinnamon for plants.

Cinnamon powder: its benefits for your plants

The cinnamon powder has the power to treat various gardening related problems.

Wild mushrooms

You may have noticed the wild mushrooms spreading in your plantation area that effects the growth of the plants. Rather than using any chemical to prevent the growth of fungi you can use the cinnamon powder. You can get rid from the fungi by just spreading the cinnamon powder in the plantation area. Now you do not need to pull out fungi from the garden area.

Faster growth

Cinnamon powder can aid in faster growth of plants. Just shed some cinnamon powder in the stem of the plant. This is more effective than all the chemicals that are sold in the gardener stores for faster growth of plants.

Fungus wilt

The term fungus wilt is used to refer to different diseases that affect plants in the period of germination. These diseases are caused by the terrain conditions or the different types of fungi. The cinnamon powder is also beneficial to fight with such diseases. Just spread cinnamon powder on the gardening area where you are aiming to plant. It will not only protect from the fungus wilt but you will also get rid from all the mosquitos that fly near the seedling place or area.


Ants are considered to be biggest danger for plants in the period of germination. These insects eat the plants during the germination process. The cinnamon powder does wonders for these small creatures because it will not kill them but simply chase them away. You can spread the cinnamon powder in the plantation area and all ants will be gone from there. If you feel that ants are taking control over your home then spray a little on the door and it will prevent them from entering your house.

Wounds on plants

Sometimes plants get cut due to improper cutting that result into wound. In this case powder of cinnamon can be used to sprinkle in the desired area to prevent from fungi and help it regenerate.

In our article we tried to shed light on all the benefits that cinnamon powder can offer in gardening. I hope you will try these simple tricks in your garden.


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