Discover 12 Foods That You Can Grow In Plastic Bottles

Sometimes people do not get enough space in their apartments or home to get their own orchard. In other cases balconies do not have sunlight and air so their plants will grow there.

Today in our article we will teach you the way to make your own nursery at home. It is really easy because all you need is plastic bottle. We can get the plastic bottle easily from anywhere.

Easy way to grow in plastic bottle

Follow these easy steps to learn the art of growing plants at home by using plastic bottles.

Materials needed for planting

– Plastic bottles

– Hole nails

– Rope

– Marker, ruler and scissors

– Water resistant cover

– Matches or you can also use lighter

Process to grow plants in plastic bottles

First of all take the marker and mark cutting areas of the bottle. We need rectangle area next to the bottle and small holes from where we will pass the rope. Start cutting the bottles and make the holes to pass ropes. Cut the rope into two stripes and burn the both edges. Pass the rope from the holes in the bottle and put two knots at the rope. The first know should be on the top and other on the top.

Choose the plant that you are going to plant in the first bottle. Keep the height of the bottle according to the plant and make your second bottle. If you want then you can also attach your all bottles vertically. Always remember that before adding a bottle on the top of another cultivate the bottle first that is below. Make bottles according to your needs and now you can grow your plants in them.

Plants that you can grow

You can grow all kind of plants in these bottles that have short roots. The plants you can grow are following

– Strawberries

– Green beans

– Lettuces

– Tomatoes

– Radishes

– Carrots

– Green peas

– Green vegetables

– Garlic

– Beet or beet

– Chard

– Chilies

– Chives

Additional Tips

You can use the strings to connect two bottles together if you are planting a climbing plant in it.

To keep the soil moist of your plants you can use the spray bottle.

Use this method to grow plants at home easily now.


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