A Zen Master Reveals the Top Giveaway Signs of a Toxic Person and the Most Powerful Way to Deal with Them

Toxic people are, unfortunately, all around us, and we can do nothing about running into them. Manipulative, selfish, judgmental, and most often not even aware of their negativity are traits which characterize most of them.

The best way of fighting toxic people is to avoid them, and exclude them from your life. But how do you even recognize toxicity in people? Someone may seem nice, and then one day you’ll just get hit with a realization of how negative for and to you they are.

Here are Zen Masters’ advice on how to recognize toxic people, and what their common traits are:

They are never wrong

No matter what they do or say, they will never admit guilt, and always make excuses. Toxic people are unable of self-criticism, and they are unwilling to learn.

They always talk and never listen

Narcissistic tendencies are common among toxic people. They will rarely pay attention to what you have to say, and always make it about themselves.

They love gossiping

Talking about other people in a negative way is a way for toxic people to lift their own self-esteem, so they’ll gossip often.

They often lie

Toxic people tend to lie in order to benefit in some way, even if it’s something menial as getting two minutes of attention.

They are followed by drama

Something is always wrong for them, and they’ll always find something to complain about.

They are judgmental

They will often judge others by high standards, which don’t apply to them, as they are never in the wrong.

Toxic people will try to make you act a certain way for their own benefit, or just to make you feel inferior to them.

They are impolite and lack empathy

Toxic people will refuse to abide common courtesy, such as waiting in line. They won’t care about other’s feelings or needs.



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