15 amazing ways you can use Himalayan salt you’ve never heard before (and no, it’s not a salt lamp!)

Compared to Himalayan crystal salt, regular table salt has the same mineral and nutritious value as sand. Himalayan salt has a unique flavor, and it contains 84 minerals, all of which are essential to our health.

The benefits of Himalayan crystal salt are numerous, and here are some of them:

  1. It promotes libido
  2. Restores pH balance in your cells and brain
  3. Reduces muscle cramps
  4. Helps with circulatory system function
  5. Promotes gall bladder and kidney functions
  6. Aids the respiratory system
  7. Helps with sleep patterns
  8. Creates cellular energy
  9. Increases mineral absorption
  10. Increases bone strength

A study conducted back in 2001 showed that people who consume water with added Himalayan salt exhibited improvements in all of the areas listed above, and their life expectancy was raised by 5 years.

Himalayan salt products to use:

  1. Ground Himalayan salt is a great addition to your daily meals.
  2. Salt scrubs designed to exfoliate skin are used by putting a small amount in your hand and rubbing it onto the area you wish to remove the dead skin from.
  3. Massage roller is great for stress reduction, especially in the spinal region.
  4. Antiperspirant stone has anti-bacterial properties which will prevent any odor. Used by lightly wetting the stone and rubbing it under your arms.
  5. Salt bowl is great for daily use, especially with ice cream.
  6. Shot glass can be great for fun times with friends.
  7. Bath salts are used to soak in, and your skin will absorb all of the nutrients Himalayan salt based ones have to offer.
  8. Salt lamps are used to remove bad odor and bacteria in the area.
  9. Foot tiles are used for feet relaxation. Just follow the instructions on the packaging.
  10. Mortar and pestle can be a great way for you to grind your herbs and spices, and they will add saltiness and minerals to your dish with no extra effort.
  11. Salt tumbler is used by adding water to it and consuming. It’s one of the easiest ways of replenishing minerals.

Source: http://besthealthyguide.com/ways-can-use-himalayan-salt/

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